Welcome to Clinical Psychology Ireland


We are a team of highly trained and experienced clinical psychologists, with over 40 years combined experience.


We deliver assessments, therapy and group interventions to children, adults, couples and families. Additionally we provide clinical and research supervision and consultation for other healthcare professionals and agencies.


We are based in Wicklow, where we offer face-to-face sessions. We also offer online sessions and workshops nationwide. We can also offer in person psychological assesments in your own home.

Adult Therapy


Our aim is to help individuals explore and improve their emotional, behavioural, and relationship functioning. In therapy, our psychologists work with you to help you to understand what makes you feel and behave the way you do. This can be very beneficial in how we communicate our needs, understand ourselves more, and how we deal with a wide range of issues.

Child and Adolescent Therapy


Our team have specialist training to help young people and their families understand and manage a broad range of mental health difficulties. Our team see children and families for advice and supportive therapy.

Psychometric Assessments


We provide psychometric testing for personal, professional, medical, and educational purposes.




Between us we have over 20years experience providing clinical supervision to psychologists of all grades, and also to other therapists and healthcare professional. We supervise, mentor and teach on clinical psychology training programmes, and also training programmes for other healthcare professionsal.

Teacher Training and Workshops


Teachers and school staff live and work with increasing levels of stress as part of their everyday life. The well-being of staff is crucial to the health of a school as a whole and of course impacts directly on the classroom. We offer many CPD talks, workshops and training programmes for teachers on a range of topics

Research and Statistical support


With a strong track record as mental health educators and researchers, we can offer research advise, support, supervision to individuals, teams and organisations, across all stages of the research process. We also provide educational, training and supportive workhips and seminars in corporate and educational settings.