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We are clinical psychologists who deliver assessments, therapy and group interventions to clients and provide supervision/mentoring for other healthcare professionals.

Our Team

Dr. Barbara Duffy

Dr Barbara Duffy has been employed as a Senior Clinical Psychologist with the HSE for over 20 years. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Trinity College Dublin and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from City University London. She has worked in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, primary care and mental health. She has broad experience working with both children and adults, with skills in child and adult assessment as well as a wide range of therapy models including CBT, DBT, CFT, attachment, music therapy and mindfulness modalities. She has special interest in youth mental health and has been Chairperson of Arklow Youth Mental Health Week since its inception 12 years ago. She also has significant experience in the supervision of psychologists in clinical training, clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals. Barbara has recently commenced a new post as Clinical Coordinator on the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology at Trinity College Dublin.

Dr. Karen Keogh

Dr. Karen Keogh is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Health Psychologist, with 15 years experience. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Health Psychology and Health Service Research, both from Trinity College Dublin. She has worked in community and hospital settings, with both medical and mental health teams and children, adults, couples and families. She is skilled in in a range of psychological assessments including, personality, educational, neuropsychological and neurodiverse. She has experience and training in a range of therapies including; CBR, DBT, Somatic Experiencing, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Approaches, Compassion Focused Therapy, and humanistic and psychodynamic informed approaches. Karen takes a holistic approach to her work, and is passionate about the interaction between mind and body, and mental and physical health. Karen also has significant experience as a supervisor, educator, consultant and researcher, with a track record of successful research projects and peer reviewed publications.

Dr. Kristina Cahill

Dr Kristina Cahill graduated from University of Limerick with her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2017. As a clinical psychologist, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings both acute and community-based; including child and adult mental health services; paediatric liaison psychology and disability services. She can provide therapeutic intervention and psychological assessment for young people and adults experiencing a broad range of difficulties from mood disorders, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, coping with chronic illness, life-cycle developmental issues, as well as many other presentations. Depending on the client, she tends to work from an integrative approach that draws from a variety of evidence-based interventions which can include: cognitive behavioural therapy; compassion focused therapy; dialectical behaviour therapy; mindfulness, and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Our Services


Face to face, Online or at Home.


We offer face-to-face sessions in our rooms in Wicklow, South Dublin and North Wexford. We can provide home-based psychological assessments nationwide. We also offer online sessions and workshops nationwide.